The warm weather we have been dreaming of is finally on its way! Take advantage of all the fun things to do on campus and around town. Here are some ideas to try the next time you want to get outdoors:

Go for a walk: Walking is simple and relaxing, and the best part is it’s at your own   pace!

Skip the bus! Leave 15-20minutes earlier for class and walk instead

Explore Campus. Take the time to walk around the school and find your favorite spot to have a picnic.

Gordon Natural Area. This is right near South Campus. It is a beautiful trail and if you live too far to walk, the bus can drop you off right next to the entrance. Just ask for R lot when you get on.

Check out the town. West Chester is known for its beautiful and historical buildings, shops, and restaurants. On your next walk, find a new place to check out.

Play a team sport: Get together a group of friends and find a space at the quad, rec center, or even in front of the residence halls where you can spread out. Here are some fun activities to try:
• Volleyball (the court is right behind the Rec Center)
• Basketball (courts at the Rec Center and on Rosedale)
• Soccer
• Whiffle Ball
• Frisbee

Run a 5K: It sounds like a lot but it’s only a little over 3.1 miles and you have the option to walk or run AND support a good cause! There are many fun events sponsored by campus and even locally. Here a few upcoming races in our area and check out this site for more information/races!
April 27
• 9th Annual Race For Traditions
• Ryerrs Run
April 28
• Philly Run Wild- Save the Orangutans
• Band on the Run
• Meso no Mas 5K

Try Yoga. Yoga is both a great workout and a perfect way to relax. Bringing this workout outside will only make it better! Find a comfy place in the grass and enjoy it. Consider Meditation as well. The warmth of the sun and breeze of the wind will enhance your Zen.

Use an App. We use them all the time, why not use them to help us with our fitness? Here are some fun FREE apps to try the next time you are exercising:

  • Nike+ Running: Tracks distance, pace, time, and calories burned with GPS, giving you audio feedback as you run.
  • C25K FREE: Great for beginners; it’s an 8-week plan. You workout 3 times a week and can alternate between walking and running. By the end, you will be able to successfully run a 5K!
  • See Me Get Fit: Uses photos to track your fitness progress along with daily weight, workouts, and diet to stay on the right path.
  • Run with Map My Run- GPS: Record workout details, including duration, distance, pace, speed, elevation, calories burned, and route traveled on an interactive map.

If you’re willing to spend a little money, here are some other great apps to try as well:

  • Zombies, Run: This is a running game and audio adventure. As you run, dodge zombies and follow orders from the voice recordings to survive!
  • Pocket Yoga: Practice Yoga anywhere and any time and learn fun tips. The best part is it’s for all skill levels!
  •  Remix Workouts: You get 2 free workouts before you have to purchase the app. It includes over 25,000 workouts using real-time video and audio instructions. Unlock new moves as you progress!

These are just a few options to try the next time you want to exercise outside! Get creative and combine a few for a change of pace. Make it a habit to do it with friends…it can be a fun new way to hangout that’s good for your body and mind!