Looking for new ways to improve your health and well being? Although we may not think about it, the way our bedroom is organized affects our health. Feng Shui is an ancient spiritual discipline, which makes use of a process that affects your internal landscape just as much as it affects your physical environment (home, bedroom, office, etc). Basically when learning Feng Shui, it is essential to understand that everything is alive and made of energy, everything is connected, and everything is changing. A very important principle of Feng Shui is Chi, which is just another word for energy. When your Chi is in balance, then your health and well-being will also be in balance.

Here are some tips to help you Feng Shui your bedroom:

De-clutter. Organization is key to keeping a good Chi flow through your room. Prioritize what you need and store everything in small storage baskets/containers that match to keep a streamlined look.

Separate your workspace from your sleep space. It’s best to place your bed so you can access it from both sides and to keep it as far away from your desk as possible to not interfere with good sleep. This may sound easy, but if you share a room, try putting your desks next to each other against the wall and your beds at the opposite end. Another fun trick is to use a curtain or even a tapestry to separate the two spaces and it looks good too!

Use Relaxing Colors. Avoid anything too bright or busy in the bedroom but try and use both warm and cool tones together like peach, cream, light blues, grays, and even yellows. Pick calm and soothing pieces and colors and try some artwork with water features. Place any pictures on the wall opposite of your bed, and try to pick inspiring or uplifting artwork, so when you wake up it’s the first thing you see to stimulate a good start to the day.

Add life to your room. A very simple way to bring good energy to your room is by bringing in plants or even a pet fish.

Now that you have the essentials you can use the Bagua Map below along with your new Feng Shui tips to create a personalized space that is both re-vitalizing and organized.

There are 9 different zones of the Bagua map:
Fame, Wealth
Helpful People/Travel/Father
Center, which is Earth.

Ashley Bagua Map

Take a moment to self reflect and think about what areas of your life need improvement and focus on those areas of the room to enhance the areas of your life. If you want to focus on wealth, try adding purple accents of color to the wealth area, a piggy bank, or just some spare change. Follow the guidelines of the Bagua along with listening to your inner thoughts and your newly organized space will bring you both balance and good health. And remember to HAVE FUN! Redecorating can be a good excuse to get new stuff and a great bonding experience if you share a room!

Written by Ashley Stewart, Peer Educator