Your self worth is measured by more than just the numbers on a scale. No matter your gender, body type, ethnicity, or age, we are all plagued by the pressures of “fitting in” and with images of tight, bright, permanently sculpted bodies bombarding us 24/7, the message most of us receive is “Get fit or get out!”

Cindy Crawford, said to be the original “supermodel”, was quoted as saying, “Even I don’t wake up looking like Cindy Crawford!” Dove (yes the soap company!) shows exactly how the media manipulates the images they advertise with in their ad, Evolution.

With all the mixed signals we receive, it can be hard to have a positive outlook on our bodies and self-confidence. We could all use a reminder, once in a while, to love ourselves as we are despite the pressure of outside influences. Use the steps below to guide yourself toward being the most beYOUtiful, positive person you can be, regardless of how others perceive you:

10 steps to positive body image

Don’t base your worth on a stranger’s image of what you should or should not be.  If you’d like to join the discussion about body image awareness, see #WCUOperationBeautiful’s Eating Disorders Awareness Week calendar of events.  Events occur every day, Monday through Friday, so pick and choose the ones you can attend!

Written by April Pagliassotti, Peer Educator