As we start to unwind at the end of the semester, do something healthy for your mind and body that you may have never tried before. Partner yoga is a great way to practice your yoga poses with the help of a friend.  I personally have never tried this type of yoga, and am really looking forward to seeing how my sister and I will work together when we try it this month!

You may already know a thing or two about yoga, but trying partner yoga is a brand new experience! With the help of a partner, who can be a friend, roommate, significant other, you can get even deeper into your poses which will increase your flexibility and strength even further!

Along with improving your stretches, working together with someone else will build trust and communication.  It can go from beginner levels all the way to expert poses, so there is always a challenge to this special exercise.  But don’t be fooled, it does not have to be a seriously strict kind of exercise. Make it as fun as you want, because there is bound to be laughter and fun. This is where partner yoga is healthy for your mind as well as your body!

Want to give it a try? The Office of Wellness Education is offering two opportunities to try partner yoga!  So come and check it out!

 November 27th 5-5:45 pm or 6-6:45 pm

 Sykes Ballroom

Bring a friend and a yoga mat!

 Written by Jen Ryan, peer educator