Tired of going to the Halloween store and spending all of your money on a costume you will wear once?  I sure was! But it doesn’t have to be that way. So go the healthy way for your wallet, and boost your creativity by making your costume this year!

For the past few Halloween’s I have done exactly that.  Last Halloween I made up my own superhero, “Bubble Woman”. I found an old white tank top and drew bubbles on it. I wore aqua blue shorts and then found some bubble wrap to really spice it up. I made a mask, cape, and shoes all out of the bubble wrap. Guess whose costume got the most compliments? Yup, it pays to be creative!

Here are a few examples to get you thinking, but it does not end here. Making a costume must fit you personally, and can be as easy as finding things around your room.

Grapes – Just blow up a bag of purple balloons, safety-pin them on purple or black pants underneath, and make a green hat for the top of the grape.

Got milk?-  Find a white T-shirt and write“Got milk?”. Make a milk mustache with non-toxic paint, and hold an empty milk carton.

Superhero– Going with my “Bubble Woman” idea, make your own superhero!  Make it as funny and outrageous as you want, or go with something you are passionate about. While I love bubbles, you may be passionate about the environment, so be “GREEN”. Let that be your guide to a new costume idea.

80s fitness instructor– This is sure to turn heads with the combination of bright colors. There is not one right answer for this costume, so wear what you are most comfortable in. Example would be to wear leg warmers, neon spandex or leotard, off the shoulder bright shirt, head band, and a side pony tail.

Your favorite sports player– This is great for last minute costume parties. Just put on your favorite jersey or T-shirt, baseball cap, anything you have! If you want to be a sports fan, use bright face paint.

Halloween only comes around once a year, so if it is one of your favorite holidays take advantage of it! Look at what you have around you, and use your imagination to make Halloween even more fun. Making your costume is a guarantee that no one else will have the same one, and you can use your money for something else this month instead.  For example:

  • Getting your flu shot in Sykes or the Health Center for only $5!
  • Go to a local grocery store and buy a pumpkin to carve with your friends!
  • Going on a haunted hay ride in West Chester!

Buying a costume at the Halloween store? At least $40. Making one at home to be original, test your creativity, and save money? Priceless.

Written by Jen Ryan, Peer Educator