Have you ever noticed something doesn’t quite feel right down there? Have you ever checked? Well if you haven’t then it is time you got to it! Discovering testicular cancer via self-exam should ensure that you have caught it before it has spread to hard-to-treat spots (like the bones, liver, and lungs).

Are you at risk?

  • If you are of average college age (18-24) then you most certainly are at risk.
  • Ever have a family member diagnosed with testicular cancer? Your risk level just went up!
  • Have an undescended testicle (not descended into the scrotum)? Check yourself!

When should you check?

  • At least once a month after a warm shower or bath.
  • Try to check on the same day each month. This helps you add consistency to your checks.

So, how do you check? You are going to want to examine one testicle and a time, rolling it between your fingers to feel for any abnormalities.

The key to self-exams is to become familiar with your normal testicular anatomy. If you know what feels right then you will have no problem determining if something feels wrong.

Click here for a more detailed look at self-exam procedures.

Something feel wrong?

Only a healthcare practitioner will be able to diagnose testicular cancer and that is just who you should see if you think you found something abnormal during a self-exam.

Schedule an appointment in the health center or with your primary care physician ASAP.

**Catching testicular cancer early is the key to effective treatment.**

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Written by Andrew Chinofsky, Peer Educator