Did you know that it takes 6 months to maintain a habit?  Tomorrow never comes, so start today!  In honor of Self-Improvement Month, get back into the swing of things or start something new.  This month is all about developing goals to better your life—and making them stick.


Don’t know where to begin?  Get some inspiration:

  • Need to get organized?  The Self-Improvement Month website and the Office of Wellness Education page for time management both have great resources to help you create a schedule that works for you.
  • Want to engage yourself in the local community? Check out the university’s calendar of events for a range of activities, including events off campus like the West Chester Restaurant Festival!
  • Have a tough class and want to start the semester right?  The Learning Assistance & Resource Center has the tools you need to succeed.  If you can’t get into the tutoring session you need, they also offer FREE online tutoring 24/7 through SmartThinking.
  • Want to tone those abs or just pick up a new hobby?  The new Student Rec Center is now open, and the open recreation schedule is back in business for the fall semester!  Explore the links for more opportunities to get physically active.
  • Want to challenge yourself? Browse the Office of Student Leadership & Involvement’s list of leadership opportunities and take life head-on.
  • Interested in a change of diet, or indulged over the summer? Nutrition Services offers Weekly Healthy Eating and Weight Loss classes free of charge to students in addition to the option to make an appointment with the school’s Registered Dietitian to assess your goals.
  • Want to spruce up your resume and get some work experience? Visit the Twardowski Career Development Center to see how they can help you make your skills sparkle on paper and off.
  • Need help polishing your writing skills for that paper? Take your drafts on over to the Writing Center where their consultants will help you tweak your writing to perfection.

Commit to doing something with a friend to hold each other accountable, and check in with us in the comments to share your progress.  Make your fresh start this semester count; get started today!

Written by April Pagliassotti, Peer Educator