Come join Wellness Education and Sykes Group Fitness for a FREE kickboxing class tonight at 4pm in the Sykes Aerobics room! Aerobics instructor Audris will be teaching an upbeat kickboxing cardio class that will work muscles all over your body to give you a great overall workout! The kickboxing moves will raise your heart rate and burn calories. Come ready for a fun, high energy workout with lively moves and great music! There will also be some information on nutrition after a workout, with free snacks and drinks as well.

Here are some tips on what to do after a workout like cardio kickboxing:

4 Steps to Fuel Your Body

What To DO After Exercise

1. Electrolytes

Consume a G2 Gatorade (20oz or 32oz), a beneficial drink after a 45 minute workout.

 2. Hydration Station

Try to drink a 16 oz water bottle (2 cups) after exercise. This can go along with your Gatorade consumption!

3. Snack Time

 Don’t have time for a meal? Grab a healthy snack. Some good examples of snacks: crackers and cheese, an apple and peanut butter, cereal and milk.

4. Meal Time

Have a healthy meal within 2 hours of a workout. Make sure to include protein, carbohydrate, and a healthy fat.  

* 4 steps are based on a 45-60 minute cardio workout*