Are you skeptical about eating more than 3 times a day? Do you believe that eating snacks would cause you to overeat rather than do the exact opposite? Well that is not always the case! Snacking can be very beneficial to your daily health, if you do it right!

What is a snack?

A snack is a great way to hold you over before your next meal. If done right, it is also a way to help get you to your recommended amount of daily nutrients.  They are not meant to be another meal, but rather one serving of food that you should try to make healthy!

What should/could you include a healthy snack include?

It is recommended that you have 5 to 7 servings of vegetables and fruits a day. That can seem like a lot! So snacks are a great way to help guide you to that goal.

It is also recommended to make at least half of your grains whole. This means eating things that say “100% whole wheat” rather than white. These foods have high amounts of fiber, which will keep you feeling fuller to hold you over before your next meal.

Some great healthy ideas to get you started!

  • Smoothies
    • This is a great way to get your fruit intake, and you have the freedom to put in anything you enjoy. An example of this would be 1 small banana (cut up or frozen), ¼ cup of raspberries, 1 cup orange juice, and 1/3 cup of vanilla fat free yogurt.
  • One slice of whole grain pita bread with 2 tablespoons of hummus or peanut butter.
  • Raw vegetables (cucumbers, peppers, etc) with 2 teaspoons of fat free ranch.
  • Trail mix
    • Trail mix is a great way to increase the fiber in your diet. An example of this would include ½ cup of almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, and ¼ cup of raisons.
  • Throw an apple or banana (other fruits) in your bag to eat on the go.

Squash the myth that snacking will set you back. We are human, and we get hungry throughout our busy lives! If you are hungry, a healthy snack will help you eat less at your main meal, help you get the recommended nutrients, and give you the energy you need to get through the day. So next time plan ahead your healthy snacks, and once two p.m. rolls around..squash the myth!

To learn more about healthy snacking, make your own trail mix, and to test your acting skills, come to “Improv Night: Acting towards healthy snacking.” Taking place in University Hall on Wednesday March 7th from 7:30 to 8:30 P.M!