“I’ve heard it all before,” is one of the most common responses when talking about Alcohol Safety. “Don’t drink”, “Drinking is bad for you”, and “This is a dry campus,” are also common phrases you hear about drinking. However, we’re not here to tell you not to drink, but for those who choose to drink we’re here to tell you to be smart about drinking.

There are many steps you can take before and while drinking to make sure you enjoy your night:

  1. Eat First – Eat within 2 hours of drinking and continue to eat while drinking. Make sure you eat foods with protein in them, if you’re having a salad make sure there some chicken to it. Eat something that also has a little fat on it, carbs are digested too quickly to keep your stomach full while drinking!
  2. Plan Ahead and Know Your Limit – Set and stick to a limit of how much you are going to drink that night, keeping your blood alcohol level below a .06 can help you avoid the ‘not so good’ effects of alcohol. Find how many drinks a .06 is for your body weight here.  
  3. Alternate – Drink water or a soda between alcoholic drinks. Play drinking games with water or soda, so you don’t end up drinking too fast.
  4. Choose Your Drink – If you know you “don’t hold your liquor well,” then drink beer or wine. Drink what you know, not just what’s available. Keep in mind what a standard drink is when choosing your drink.

  1. Plan Your Transportation – The campus has many options, there is always walking but make sure you aren’t going anywhere alone. There is the shuttle from North to South campus that runs until 2 am, and most recently the school made a deal with Paradise Transit for reduced rates; buy a monthly pass at the SSI window in Sykes.
    Paradise costs are as follows when purchased at the SSI window:
    4 Ride Pass – Paradise Pass Price = $12 (instead of $20…paying on the vehicle itself).  
    8 Ride Pass – Paradise Pass Price = $24 (instead of $40…paying on the vehicle itself).
  2. Pour Your Own Drinks – Make your own mixed drinks, that way you know how much alcohol is in the drink, pour your beer from a keg, and avoid jungle juice and gin buckets because you don’t know what’s really in them.  
  3. Limit Yourself to One Drink an Hour – Once you start drinking give your body time to metabolize what you’ve had so far. Drinking out of red party cups can make it hard to keep track of your drinks. You can use the lines on a cup to measure a drink.


Questions or concerns about alcohol/ drinking? Click here  for more information. 

Written by Julia Kane, Peer Educator