What’s your relationship status? Come find out, in Schmidt Hall on Monday, February 13th at 7:00pm, how much you really know about your best friend, significant other, or roommate.

There will be four rounds of questions for you and your partner to answer and the winning teams will receive a prize basket to split!

Are you in a healthy relationship now? Ask yourself the following –

  • Is there mutual respect?
  • Is there trust? Honesty? Fairness?
  • Are their separate identities?
  • Do we support one another?
  • Is there good communication?

None of those things are more important than the others, however good communication makes all of them easier.

Tips on how to Communicate Effectively:

  • Be an “active” listener: Take in what the other person is saying BEFORE you think about how you want to respond.
  • Be direct: Avoid confusion & mixed messages by saying exactly how you feel in person. Text messages & e-mail can be interpreted differently than your intention.
  • Be respectful: Give the speaker time to finish what they are saying before you respond. Ask for the same when it is your turn to talk.
  • Use “I” Statements: Tell your friend/roommate/significant other how you feel instead of saying “you made me feel…” say, “I feel sad…” It will prevent a defensive response.
  • Understand: Everyone has a different background; you need to take into account where people come from and what they have experienced.

See how well you and your best friend, roommate, or significant other communicate by coming out to Schmidt Hall’s “What’s Your Relationship Status?” and put your communication skills to the test!