Is the risk greater than the reward? Not in condom negotiation! But how can you get your partner to wear one if they really don’t want to? Not wearing a condom just one time puts you at risk of getting an STI (sexual transmitted infection) or becoming pregnant. So talk to your partner about condom usage!

Condom negotiation goes both ways; here are some ways to tell your partner to use protection:

He/She says, “It ruins the mood.”
You say, “Having unsafe sex puts me out of the mood. For good!”

She says, “I’m on the pill, don’t worry.”
You say, “I trust you, but I want to protect both of us just in case.”

He/She says, “Condoms don’t really work; most of them break.”
You say, “If we use them the right way, it’s 98% effective.”

He says, “We already did it without a condom once.”
You say, “And that was a mistake. I worried about being pregnant all month!”

He/She says, “Don’t tell me that you think you actually think you’ll catch something from me.”
You say, “I’m sure I won’t but it’s better to be safe than sorry!”

To make sure both you and your partner are protected during sex, you can pick up Free condoms at the Wellness Education Center on the 2nd floor of Wayne Hall and the Women’s Center on the 2nd floor of Lawrence.

To learn more about condom usage and negotiation skills for college students click here. 

Written by Julia Kane, Peer Educator