The semester is barely underway, what a great time to set some goals and aim to do something new! Have you wanted to start going to gym a few times a week? Bring your GPA closer to where you want it to be? Maybe you’ve wanted to join a new student organization, or find some new friends. Whatever it is that you are interested in doing to improve yourself set your goal(s) and use this semester to work towards it!

Here are some ways to help you do that:

Be Specific

Goals that are too broad rarely get accomplished. For example, if you say “my goal is to lose weight”, it’s likely that you won’t know exactly what to work toward. Instead try “my goal is to lose 15 pounds this semester” and make a plan to do it.

Write It Down

Writing your goals down makes them more concrete. You’re able to see what you’re working toward. Committing your goals to paper also helps you to make a plan. How will you reach that specific GPA? Write down your steps to success.

Don’t Forget the Personal

Come up with some personal goals as well as academic. As you reach these personal milestones, your confidence will increase, and you’ll work harder at all of your other goals.

Be Realistic

We all have big dreams and want to do big things. But being realistic about your goals leads to increased success and an overall better feeling about yourself.

Check in

Make sure you stop every once and while to see how you’re doing with your goals. This will give you the opportunity to get yourself back on track if you’ve gone off course or change some things if they aren’t going according to plan. You may even find that you need to change some of your goals all together, and that’s okay.