Healthy Monday: De-Stress with Zumba

Looking to bust some stress? You can do it by busting a move at ZUMBA on December 12, 2011 at 7:30 in Sykes Ballroom A. Finals are looming, which can add more stress at the end of the semester. Take an hour a day to exercise to keep your stress levels down!

Never done Zumba before? Not a problem you don’t have to be a professional; it’s basically a game of follow the leader!  You can find more information about Zumba on the official Zumba Website.

Zumba is not only a good way to destress, it’s also:

  • Fun to do alone or with friends!
  • Great exercise!
  • Improves your mood!
  • Get’s you out of the boring gym routine!
  • Improves your coordination!
  • Known confidence builder, which is great before finals!

Bring water, wear comfy clothes and sneakers! Hope to see you there!

Can’t make it tonight? Find a class at the Sykes Fitness Center.

Written by Julia Kane, Peer Educator


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