What are you doing for your health this Monday? How about some yoga!

It can be a challenge to turn off your brain and just relax when the semester kicks into gear. There are papers, tests, meetings, works, and always something to worry about. Practicing yoga a few times a week can help you turn off the worries and just relax for  an hour. Plus, yoga counts as exercise. It’s always better to kill two birds with one stone, right?

Check out some of the benefits of yoga:

  • Increase flexibility: yoga releases the lactic acid in muscles that can give you stiffness and tension, immediately helping you feel more relaxed.
  • Improve muscle tone: yoga uses your own body weight to hold poses and postures. This helps build muscle without the need for equipment!
  • Improve posture: remember when your mom used to tell you “don’t slouch”? Regular yoga practice will have you standing up straight in no time!
  • Feel relaxed: the deep breathing that goes along with yoga initiates the relaxation response in your brain. Master this skill to de-stress just before a test or presentation.

Let us help you get started with yoga! Come out to our Healthy Monday: Yoga on the Quad event today from 3:30-4:15. Look for us on the Academic Quad near Starbucks. All you need is comfortable clothes, a yoga mat or even a towel!

Other places to try yoga:

Sykes Fitness Center Group Fitness Classes
Yoga Download
Exercise TV
The Spirit of Yoga Studio (In West Chester)

What’s your favorite yoga pose?

Written by: Alicia Hahn, MS, Assistant Coordinator of Wellness Education