Wellness Education will be kicking off the Healthy Monday program series next week! So what is Healthy Monday?


We want you to re-commit to your health and wellness goals each and every Monday! It is like setting a New Years Resolution each week. The folks behind the Healthy Monday campaign found that most people who commit to their health goals each week are more likely to stick with them! How’s that for success?

The great part about Healthy Monday’s is you can set any health goal you want! Will you exercise more? Go Meatless? Eat more vegetables? Get more sleep? The possibilities are endless!

Check out the Wellness Education calendar and Facebook page for new events and tips every week.

Check out our upcoming Healthy Mondays:

Yoga on the Quad
Monday September 19
Academic Quad
Bring a mat or towel
Sleep Tight, Wake Bright
Get a better night’s sleep so you can do better in school! Free snacks and tie dye pillow cases!
Monday September 26
1st Floor Schmidt Lobby

What will you commit to this Healthy Monday?

Written by Alicia Hahn, MS, Assistant Coordinator of Wellness Education