You knew college was going to be an exciting experience! What you might not have realized is all the free time you were going to have. Bored of just hanging around your room vegging out, watching TV and playing video games?

Here are some ideas for all that free time!

Manage your Time!

Time management is a skill that takes some practice. The benefit from this skill is being able to create a schedule that works for you. Your schedule will include time for relaxation, exercise, and of course school work. Here are some tips to developing a schedule:

  1. Find a way to track all of your assignments and tests that works for you. It might be a planner, your cell phone, an online calendar, or just a list in order of due date
  2. Get on a schedule. Most weeks are likely to follow the same schedule so map out your time hour by hour to be sure you can accomplish everything you need to get done.
  3. Use small blocks of time (1-2 hours between classes) wisely. You can get reading, note review, or some research done in those hours instead of going home for a nap or tv time. This will leave you more time later in the day.
  4. Take time every Sunday to review your assignments, upcoming tests, and other obligations. Create a timeline for accomplishing your assignments and studying.

 Get Involved!

West Chester has plenty of organizations and clubs to get involved in! Wanna take in the scene and actually meet the organizations? Come visit the Involvement Fair on the Academic quad on Wednesday September 7 from  11-3. Can’t make it to the event? Check out the listings of clubs and organizations at

 Explore the Town!

Explore the town of West Chester. You chose a school that offers a life outside of campus. Restaurants, boutiques, craft shops, consignment shops, and more are awaiting your visit! An easy way to start out is to walk up High Street past Asplundh hall and explore of Market Street and Gay Street. You can find out everything you need to know at .