1.      Know your portion sizes- To avoid packing on the extra pounds; the most important thing to do is know your portion sizes!  

Don’t feel like dragging around measuring cups everywhere you go? Just use your hand! To see the food groups with their recommended values and serving sizes visit http://www.nal.usda.gov/fnic/Fpyr/pmap.htm                         

2.      Eat breakfast- There’s a reason you’ve heard this all your life.  Breakfast gives you brain power for your morning classes! It also helps to jump start your metabolism and will prevent you from overeating later in the day.

·   No time for breakfast? Grab something on the go! Some healthy, quick breakfast foods on the go are granola bars, string cheese and fruit, yogurt parfaits, or even cereal in a bag!  

3.      Know the food scene at West Chester- Find out about all the dining options your meal plan has to offer! Take advantage of the healthy, less processed food options!

·  In Lawrence dining hall, scope the whole buffet before picking your food. This will help you ration out the foods you really want to eat! Visit http://www.campusdish.com/en-us/cse/westchester# to see what the semester menu holds for all the dining centers!

  4.      Eat a salad everyday- Substitute a salad for one of your meals everyday! It’s the easiest way to get in your vegetables for the day. Worried about eating the same old salad every day? Spice it up with different themes…

*Mediterranean- kalamata olives, chickpeas, cucumbers, tomatoes, feta cheese, and a fat free red wine vinaigrette dressing

*Mexican- black beans, cheddar cheese, red peppers, salsa, corn, whole grain tortilla chips

*Summer Salad- mixed greens, watermelon, strawberries, feta cheese, almonds, fat free sweet vinaigrette  

5.      Choose a healthy snacks- College students study at late hours and want snacks to keep them awake and going. Instead of junk food and energy drinks try these alternatives:

o   Raw veggies with low fat dip or hummus

o   Fruits

o   String cheese

 o   Yogurt

o   Pretzels

Avoid eating more than the serving size: when opening up a bag of snacks put a serving in the bowl and seal the original bag up.