WCU’s Healthy Rams

Welcome to West Chester University’s first health blog written by students just like you!  Whether it’s the Real Housewives of New Jersey or Fantasy Football, everyone has a dirty little pleasure.  Why not make the Healthy Rams blog your healthy little secret?

Each week the WCU Wellness Center’s Peer Educators will be publishing  2-3 posts on health topics such as safe sex, partying smart, and surviving flu season.  Our posts are guaranteed to be free, convenient, and juicy.  But that’s not all!   If you have a question or want to see a special topic covered on Healthy Rams, you can simply e-mail us at healthyrams@gmail.com.

Let us help you make this semester a healthy one! Print this free Healthy Habits tracker to start recording your progress, courtesy of Cooking Light magazine:  http://www.cookinglight.com/static/pdfs/12HH_TrackingSheet-Jan.pdf

Join our health revolution by subscribing today!

What’s your healthy little secret? 


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